As we continue to move through January I have been trying to take an approach of “beginners’ mind to my yoga practice and off the mat. In busy lives it can be so easy to stick to routines and do things the most “efficiently” but this can sometime create habits and mental ruts that we stay in.

We can practice beginners mind on the mat by simply paying attention to the sensations of our body in each moment. This can be an effort to train our mind to focus on whatever movement is happening in our body but can then lead to relaxing back into the moment.

If we are experienced yoga practitioners this can actually sometimes be harder, as muscle memory has kicked in and our bodies “know” but each movement has never been done in this time, this place, so we are all beginners each time we step on our mats.

We can then begin to expand this awareness off the mat to notice how we respond to different situation and habits.

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