Class Schedule

Mondays 9.45-11am

Hatha Yoga. Crawley Yoga Studios, RH10 9RD

An all round class suitable for all practitioners, including beginners.
Classes encompass postures to help the body’s strength and mobility and to ease physical tension. There is an emphasis on breath awareness and techniques to aid relaxation and to encourage some “mind space”

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Fridays – 11.15am-12.30pm

Hatha Flow. Linear Fitness, Haywards Heath, RH16 1XP

Yoga postures are designed to build strength, resilience and mobility in the body and these are linked together in accessible sequences. This helps you to become more aware of your body and how it is working and also helps to promote greater self-awareness.

Classes include:
• Standing, seated and lying yoga postures
• Movement with breath
• Breathing and relaxation techniques

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Fridays – 6:00pm – 7:15pm

Yin and Restorative Yoga. Crawley Yoga Studios, RH10 9RD

A slow pace, floor based class where postures are held for some time. The Yin portion of the class consists of stretches to release tension from the body whilst in the restorative portion the emphasis is on support from soft props to rest and regroup. There is a focus on breath and relaxation exercises throughout.

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