Managing Anxiety and Self Doubt with Yoga

Saturday 16th March, 3.30-5.30pm

Crawley Yoga Studios, RH10 9RD

So many of us are afflicted with negative, outdated programming that keeps us living in doubt & anxiety. These self-defeating, disparaging messages & worrisome thoughts about our capabilities remain tightly lodged in our brains, compromising our hopes, desires & aspirations.
That’s where quietly finding ourselves on the yoga mat can be so helpful, its when that quiet, more positive voice can finally start to be heard & each time we let it speak, its voice can grow louder. Yoga then becomes a place for us to feel safe & hear what needs to be heard.
I have spent a lot of her my personal time & effort on self-work in this area over the last year. In this workshop I will share the yoga that has supported me & helped me with self-doubt & anxiety.
Expect a yoga practice that forgives a lack of perfection but encourages you to see where you can go. I will suggest breathing practices & groups of poses that create calm for self -practice,  also make suggestions about mantra (affirmations) & easy meditations that can be used to clear the self-defeating talk & encourage the positive replacement of those unhelpful samskaras (habits). Note-taking is encouraged.
In sharing a little of my personal story & inviting you to offer up a little of your own story the group will find strength & healing in identifying with each other.

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Progress your practice – exploring concentration and meditation in yoga

Saturday 27th April, 3.30-5.30pm
Crawley Yoga Studios, RH10 9RD

As we develop our yoga practice a good way of progressing is to feel that we can move deeper, rather than further. We start to realise that yoga is about more than just the physical postures and that the physical practice of yoga can help us to improve our skills of focus and concentration.
In this workshop you can learn about traditional thinking of the different stages of yoga and how to move through these stages in your own practice. We will focus on three areas:
• Training our senses to be more aware through yin yoga postures (known as pratyahara)
• Applying focus and concentration through movement and alignment in active yoga postures (dharana)
• Using these skills to explore a meditation practice (dyhana)

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Diploma in Teaching Yoga

With YMCAFit, varied start dates in Brighton and London

If you are considering teaching yoga as a career, the diploma run by YMCAFit is an excellent choice. I tutor on this course and I have felt very privileged to share the journey of participants on the course as they move from yoga practitioners to deepening their knowledge of yoga and preparing to take the benefits of yoga out into the world. I teach asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, teaching skills, client care and working as a yoga teacher. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to find out more about teacher training or click on the link for more information.

YMCAFit Diploma in Teaching Yoga

Monthly Family Yoga, Saturdays 1.30-2.45pm

Crawley Yoga Studios, RH10 9RD
Dates: 19 January, 9th February

An invitation to come with your children and grandchildren to enjoy some fun down time together away from work commitments and computer screens. We will explore a variety of postures, play some games, take some time for all of us to breathe and relax, possibly try some partner work and generally go with the flow! Benefits of yoga for children include increased self-confidence and adaptability. If your children haven’t tried yoga this is a great way to introduce them whilst still having the chance for your own practice. Family yoga can also help communication and strengthen family bonds.
At the end of the class there will be the chance to chat to other families over refreshments.

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