I was a teacher in comprehensive schools for many years, and before that a dancer -both jobs that caused me a lot of angst and a sense of never being good enough. Then I became a mother and those feelings were magnified – I was not very kind to myself during the early years of motherhood.

As I started teaching yoga more and more I thought that it was my work situations causing these feelings, they were high pressure jobs with high levels of perfectionism. Surely being a yoga teacher wouldn’t evoke these same feelings – but they still persisted and I knew that, as is often the case, is the internal rather than external conditions that needed attention. I have worked on this area through mindfulness practice, a group mentoring programme with Naomi Absalom and through therapy. Various practices have come out of this that I will be sharing and exploring in my workshop, including:

  • Releasing anger rather than turning it in on myself
  • Finding ways of being with and integrating strong and difficult emotions
  • Working with forgiveness
  • Embracing vulnerability

This workshops feels particularly personal and important to me – I hope it will help support others too.

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