Satya is the second of the Yamas from Patanjalis’s yoga sutras and translates as truthfulness or honesty. I have been exploring how we can bring Satya onto our yoga mats as well as into our everyday lives.
We can check in before we start our practice by looking inwards and feeling the reason we are practising yoga today. What comes up for you? Is to balance your emotions, for physical fitness? Try to feel what you really need from your yoga practice rather than what you think you should be getting from it (perhaps that you should be able to do certain pose, or that you should be feeling more relaxed). We can work with these feelings to set an intention for the yoga practice that we can return to mentally if things get challenging – this can equally apply off the yoga mat, I often find more so!
Take the time to listen carefully to your body as you practice. Notice your responses to particular postures – perhaps a posture makes you anxious? Are you ignoring pain in a posture? Listening to the breath can also be a powerful way of finding our truthful inner voice and practicing with authenticity and honesty.

As you move into a challenging posture pause, take time to listen to the breath, notice how the body feels as you move into, stay in and move out of the pose. As you move off your mat perhaps we can also find time to listen truthfully to others, without letting our own fears and pre-conceptions getting in the way of honestly hearing what they are saying.
In this way we can approach our practice with true Satya.

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