As I go back to teaching in studios it is another transition in a time when the only constant seems to be change and uncertainty. I recognise that we have all had very different experiences during the pandemic but from my own perspective the uncertainty over work, of not being able to make plans and of not knowing what course the pandemic will take have all impacted on my mood and mental health.

I was listening to the radio on my drive back from the studio and was struck by a scientist talking about how if we ever did take a human mission to Mars the humans would need to think of themselves as Mars crew members first and foremost, rather than focussing on what they’d left behind or even more on when the mission would be over and it really struck a chord that that is also the best way to navigate the changing situation with Covid.

So…this weeks practice – not anticipating what’s coming next but settling into and observing this posture, this breath. I can’t link to music moving here to Massive Attack’s epic Hymn of the Big Wheel.

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